Sharing something of the thoughts and processes that go into Creating Better Living Spaces.

Welcome to the Heather Luke journal, where I’ll share a bit about one of the projects we’ve worked on over the years, or something we’re currently helping with. We hope this will give you a useful insight into our design philosophy and the approach we take when creating living spaces for our clients.

Entrance hall transformation

The premise of interior design is to create beautiful space that will nurture and lift the spirits of those who live in it and of those pass through.   Such transformations in domestic buildings are  often akin to making the proverbial 'silk purse from a sows ear',...

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Town house bedroom

Our brief was to furnish and re-decorate a London townhouse as an easy-to-manage, quiet, relaxing weekday space, in traditional style – and for this modestly sized bedroom, a framework of delicate, soft colours. By upholstering the walls in a natural raw silk over...

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An unusual dining experience

This one was quite fun and a complete one off. It’s not often we’ve been asked to create a dining room in an underground vault. The American owners  of this section of the  house spent many hours researching the detail of it’s history, discovering much about the lives...

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Managing your own project: my tips

Making a home is a big project. It's a complex work, covering many disciplines, and the results are important. For you, for your family and for those that visit. We often help out with dedicated client managed projects; here are some quick tips that help to retain...

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Creating better living spaces

Sharing something of the thoughts and ideas that go into Making Space Beautiful:The world and the process of interior design suggests  glamour and mystery, an ability to conjure something beautiful out of nothing much, with ease. We can of course - but by hard graft...

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