Our process

This is a brief overview of how it works; every project is unique and for each one we prepare a specific plan based entirely on the particular needs and circumstances. We work on real family houses, places of accommodation and hospitality, and we manage projects from the initial permissions, right through the building process to the last lampshade. A relatively new and particularly successful development has been with client managed projects. We design the schemes, gain Listed Buildings and planning permissions, source materials, prepare the buying lists and work schedules, then remain available for as much hand holding and  assistance as our client needs to manage their own  project alongside a  team of competent tradesmen and craftsmen.

Architectural design service 

The Brief:  

First meeting to establish relationship, to understand the needs of the family, the short and long term plans and ambitions. To discuss ideas and architectural / design requirements, extent of works, budgets, phases, the strategies to make it happen.

The Site:

To consider how the building works within it’s immediate and further landscape, how spaces flow between inside and outside, how life will be lived here, and how to facilitate any change

Space analysis: 

Prepare sketch schemes – to organise and suggest solutions to fit the available space to current and future needs, within the scope of the architecture, the site and the surrounding landscape.

Planning permissions:  

Advise and liaise with local planning office, Listed Buildings office, Heritage England and building control.

Ecological and sustainable design: 

Specify good practice and workmanship throughout, to incorporate traditional and innovative principles and methods.

Project managing:

Create the right build team for the project, manage the  budget and oversee all works as required.

Conservation and Restoration:

Source the finest and most appropriate craftsmen and reclaimed materials for the project.

Materials and Bespoke manufacture:

Design, commission and source all fittings from expert craftspeople – stone mason, joiners, glassmakers, painters, metal workers, weavers as project requires.

Furniture and furnishings:

Source and commission antique and contemporary textiles, furniture and materials.


By working closely together we create individual, comfortable, practical and beautiful, biographical, family homes. With an informed and intuitive approach to the organisation of space that facilitates the ritual of life, any space can be transformed into something far greater than the sum of its constituent parts – that which makes a real home

From our beliefs that :

Our homes  ground us and profoundly affect our lives: with keen attention to the ritual and rhythm of day to day life, each project is tailor-made to accommodate and reflect each character and lifestyle.

Beautiful and practical  surroundings are life enhancing: we hold  the atmosphere created by the location, the surrounding landscape, architecture and history of the site in balance and harmony, whilst seamlessly incorporating the technological requirements of 21st century living; materials carefully chosen and works skilfully executed.

 Our homes are a source of joy, individuality and creativity: with you we commission and source pieces with character – antique and contemporary textiles, furniture, artwork, glass, pottery, sculpture, stone and metalwork, to celebrate good design and to bring the ‘je ne sais quoi. In  tune with the idea of the ‘icing on the cake’  it’s these extra, special pieces that transcend the ordinary, make it your party.

Not all architecture is great or even good architecture: whether essentially a classic piece, vernacular, or cobbled together,  we might find ourselves in something that doesn’t work as well as it might. Even sows ears can be made into silk purses though – even, and perhaps especially the ugly houses can be made into comfortable homes.

The building asks to be allowed to speak for itself: the first job we need to do is to see what the building has to offer. How does it feel and function without the overlays of time, and of other people’s ideas. Never be afraid, in fact actively seek, to take out anything that has changed the proportions, everything except that which belongs to the original structure, to enable you to best understand how to work with this space. If the walls can’t be stripped yet, paint everything in off white; give yourself a blank canvas.

Life is for living: the work is serious and rigorous –  the attention to best materials best craftsmanship and detail attest to that. It’s right that the framework should be sound and the colours life enhancing, but it’s also true that without the characteristics of the occupants, the idiosyncrasies, the life experiences and the general chaos and hubbub of life it will remain a show piece, an empty vessel. The generosity of hospitality is the greatest asset, and the essential ingredient for every successful project.