Textiles and furnishings play an important role in all of my interior design projects. New ideas and interpretations, where we can challenge and simplify for the current mood, are at the opposite end of the scale, yet entirely complementary,  to full restoration – where we carefully retain the inherent spirit and elegance as we re-make and replace the decades-old, worn, furnishings of settled country houses, as if nothing had changed. 

True materials and traditional craftsmanship, integrity, grounds our work; skills from the worlds of couture, tailoring, pattern cutting, millinery, art, embroidery, weaving, knitting, fine needlework, applied finishes, gilding, upholstery, art, antique textile, joinery and furniture restoration are applied to each project.

Win very project we use ancient textiles and newly commissioned works.The unsurpassable depth of age –  the hand woven,  hand dyed soft, nuanced colours that show the hand of  the craftsperson and hint at stories from another time, another world, lies side by side with vitality – the raw, new energy  inherent in contemporary pieces –  speaking directly to the future of potential and of possibility.

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Window Seats

Window seats are places of invitation, to come and to sit, to watch the world go by, or to chat, to read, in every case to relax. And so they need to be comfortable, cushioned, soft, welcoming.



Lampshades have  the power to  change the atmosphere of the room by the way in which they colour,  diffuse and direct the light from within; bright task lighting can be softened for the evening with a simple slip cover, a pale pink lining flatters, gold warms, parchment and antique golds and reds come close to candlelight.



Just one cushion can change the tempo of any environment – it’s the way to add a new dimension, something extra, confirming, or supporting, to re-balance a colour scheme, knock it back, provide a focal point, add tension and vibrancy or to create calm.

Mass them, and you can make a complete space, a whole island of inviting comfort


The ability of a tin of paint to change the atmosphere, the temperature and the tempo of any space is well documented; here we show how we use paint to create layers of colour,  to change scale, to create surprise by trompe l’oeil within  a general feeling of warmth and well being. 



Chairs and Sofas

Upholstery and loose covering –  of chairs, sofas, footstools, bedheads, screens  or doors – offers immediate transformation by colour and texture;  the new life and new energy that re-covered pieces  bring to the space they inhabit is unsurpassed, or perhaps level only with that brought by  new walls in paint, paper or material.




Hand worked stitching in any form  is the hallmark of bespoke tailoring and  couture, and it may be more or less decorative even no more, or less,  than a perfectly worked run of top stitching;  our specially commissioned painted and embroidered pieces are for those clients who want something  really very special and personal.