A house that is most definitely a home, well used and enjoyed, new projects keep it alive and fresh.

The brief:

Complete refurbishment and comprehensive extension of a country house. To re-organise the space to suit the needs of a young family and to provide adequate  facilities and services for a full household of family and friends.

The project:

The true character of this house and lovely classical proportions could only be appreciated once the modern intervention was removed.  Extensive full height cupboards had distorted the proportions of every room; over-detailed joinery, complicated cornices, baths pressed against the walls – were just some of the endemic issues that, once removed, caused the new owner and I to agree with one voice that  “the house is breathing a sigh of relief.”

The increased simplicity of the space prompted an openness in decoration and spareness of detailing that we could build on, adding   the colour, furnishings, art and decoration that support a busy, sociable family; the life and energy that makes this house a really comfortable and hospitable  home.

We paid attention to the housekeeping spaces and to storage, to the smooth running of the core, the hub.  By moving the master bedroom to the former dressing room we gained and opened up the best views of the garden to the house. We employed some clever painting tactics and techniques, to overcome a few inherent problems – particularly the deep opening from kitchen to dining room and a long plain wall in the hall.

The result:

So many people of all ages have said how much they love to be in this house, and the proof of the pudding is always….