A dream project – amazing location, decisive and trusting clients, highly skilled craftsmen and a fantastic home team.

The brief:

“Just work your magic”

Ok, that we can do. 

We have 450 sq. metres. Seven bedrooms, two sitting rooms, new lighting throughout, a larger entrance hall, two new kitchens, five new bathrooms, new floorings, all new furniture and furnishings to do. So, a complete refurbishment.

“We’d like traditional wooden ceilings and maybe some walls. Oh, and we’d like to be here for Christmas.”

Today is the 22nd September, this our first meeting and they mean this Christmas!

The project:

Detailed emails, copious paperwork, weekly site visits,  plus six days in December for snagging and fitting out brought this together in time for family Christmas.

The materials:

The most important element to make this project work was the wood.  It should be old, reclaimed from old buildings, worked with traditional methods and outstanding – and local – craftsmanship. Men who know their wood and their valley.

The result:

A home imbued with the fabulous smell, colour and atmosphere that only old and mellowed wood can fully engender and radiate – both drawing rooms and four bedrooms fully panelled in the style of the valley. Perfect synergie between tradition and classic twentieth century furniture, and a comfortable, welcoming, relaxing, space to return to after a day on the ski slopes or trekking the mountain paths. The word for it here, is gemutlisch.